James Baker launched the Bikers for Autism Society in 2012, the result
of his passion for motorcycles and the inspirational journey of a family
member raising a 7 year-old son diagnosed with a high functioning form
of Autism Spectrum Disorder. James recognized that the close-knit
culture of the motorcycle community was very similar to that of the
autism community, and set out to bring those two communities together.
BFA began with a cross-Canada motorcycle ride focused on raising
public awareness of autism and raising funds to support the Osoyoos
Autism Behavioural Center in the Okanagan Valley. BFA has since
broadened our vision into advocating for three areas where we believe
Bikers For Autism can make the greatest impact: Autism awareness, the
importance of early diagnosis, and providing services and support for
Autism Centres and families affected by Autism.

The Challenges of Autism

Autism is an issue that we are only beginning to understand. Through
raising the public awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder, we can
encourage governments to commit more resources to understanding and
treating the disorder. It is currently estimated that 1 in every 68
children in North America is affected by some form of Autism. It can
take years for a child to be properly diagnosed, and our goal is to cut
this wait time down through increased government funding and increased
access to affordable private diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is confirmed,
families face many challenges and financial hardships. Bikers For Autism
works to ease these challenging times and connect families with the
professional help they need.

Thank you for your continued love and support of Bikers for Autism.

James Baker Founder of Bikers For Autism